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For your convenience, common customer questions are answered here.

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Video Help Questions

Q: I plugged in my USB Flash Drive but it won’t work

A: A common mistake is assuming the video files will automatically play when the Flash Drive is plugged into a USB port.  Normally you must find the Drive and open it just like a Folder.  Once open you should see files that can be copied onto your device, opened and played.

Q: I tried to Play the video file on my USB Flash Drive but it plays choppy and/or digitized, or nothing happens

A: Flash Drives don’t always have a fast transfer rate and if using an older computer or device the USB port may be rated 2.0 or less.  Basically, playing video files directly from a Flash Drive rarely works well.  Best practice is to copy the file from Flash Drive to your device, then play from the copied file.  This will avoid buffering due to slow transfer rates associated with the USB port and/or Flash Drive.

Q: After I get home can I still purchase one or both of my Videos, or even a T-shirt?

A: In most cases Yes.  We make every attempt to save all videos files, some dating back to 2008.  You may purchase any videos or merchandise we have in stock by submitting the form on the “Request Video Files” page,, or by calling our phone number 830-625-2351 x 1577.  Please leave a voice mail if we are unable to answer the call during a Flight.  We will contact you via telephone for payment.  Make sure to state the Date, Flight Number and brief description of Flyers.

Ride Related Questions

Q: Is the SkyCoaster safe?

A: Yes, flying SkyCoaster is one of the safest thrill ride experiences you will have.  All Skycoasters use redundant (more than one) connections for all ride components.  We use minimum 5/16″ galvanized wire rope cables capable of holding 9800 pounds.  We also use specially designed flight suits capable of holding thousands of pounds.

Q: Is there a Height restriction?

A: Per manufacturer guidelines, Yes there is a minimum height restriction to Fly.  You must be at least 42 in tall to Fly with others (up to 3 at once) or at least 48 in tall to Fly solo (by yourself).

Q: Is there an Age restriction?

A: Per manufacturer guidelines, No there is not a minimum age to Fly.  However, there is a minimum height requirement at least 42 in tall to Fly with others (up to 3 at once) or at least 48 in tall to Fly solo (by yourself).

Q: Are there any other restrictions?

A: Per manufacturer guidelines, “By reason of the restraint system inherent in the flight suits, it is necessary that Flyers possess two arms sufficient to be contained and restrained by the shoulder pads, and at least one leg sufficient to be contained and restrained by a leg strap.”  It is also recommended you do not Fly if you are Pregnant, impaired by Drugs or Alcohol, or have Back, Neck or Heart Problems.

Q: Do you have to sign a release?

A: No, you do not have to sign a release. SkyCoaster is one of the safest ride experiences you will ever have.

Q: Do you need to have parent’s consent if under 18 years of age?

A: No, you do not need to have a parent or guardian written consent since there is no release to sign.  However, we cannot be held responsible for actions taken by a minor without permission by a parent or guardian.

Q: Do I need to pay Schlitterbahn admission to Fly the SkyCoaster at Blastenhoff?

A: Not necessarily.  If you contact us in advance by email, or by phone, 830-625-2351 x 1577 we may be able to arrange an employee to meet and escort you in to Fly then back out again.  You cannot enter waterpark grounds without the appropriate wristband so the key is advance notice and staff escort.


Purchase Discount Online SkyCoaster Schlitterbahn Tickets