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What’s it like to free fall 5 stories, soar right above the ground, and then go flying above the tree tops?  The answer is simple- Skycoaster®.  Millions of thrill-seekers around the world have experienced flying the Skycoaster® and agree that it is the most exciting amusement ride on the market today!
Since the debut of Skycoaster® in 1992, over 30 million guests have taken flight at one of over 80 Skycoaster sites worldwide, giving you an idea of it’s popularity and impeccable safety record.
SkyCoaster combines elements of Skydiving Free-Fall, Bungee Jumping Heights and Hang-Gliding Flight;  all in one adrenaline packed Flight to give you a Thrill Experience like no other attraction.  Fly Solo, Two or Three at a time.
Suit up in specially designed harnesses and attach you to rigging capable of holding up to 9000 lbs, winch back and up to a height of 183 ft where you release yourself by pulling your own Ripcord.  After release, Free-Fall 50 ft until the Flight Cables stretch taut and reach speeds up to 80 mph while Soaring over the ground and Flying through the air above cheering supporters, giving Flyers a unique view and amazing experience.
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SkyCoaster Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is owned and operated by Amusement Management International and opened 2002.  AMI was established in 1992 and today operates in more than thirty national top venues.
Stop by and visit us during your New Braunfels visit.  Click here to view on-site pricing.
Purchase Discount Online SkyCoaster Schlitterbahn Tickets

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